Hey, International Listeners!

We know you’re out there! We have listeners in Russia, France, Spain, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada… You guys are everywhere!!

So we want to know… What kind of music do you want to hear? Do you want an hour devoted to music from where you live? We want to broaden our horizons!! Let us know!



  1. This was posted ages ago but I’ll reply anyway!
    I graduated from TU in 2009, I’m living in Japan now working at an advertising agency and it’s QUIET in here. So I crank up XTSR. As for what I want to hear… I really just want to leave it to someone else. Do a great mix and expand my musical education! Just don’t put me to sleep because people are known to knock back in their chairs sometimes, haha.

    Keep it up, guys! I miss you over at TU!

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