Have you missed us?!

We are back in the station and raring to go here at XTSR Towson!  We are now on the flip side of 2012 and things are starting to cool down around campus, but they sure aren’t in the station, that is for sure.  The Fall 2012 schedule will be up, newscasts will start to pop up, the tumblr will begin to rumble, and of course, brand new music will be going into rotation for your listening pleasure!

That is a lot for you to look forward to, but if that isn’t enough, just keep reading!  Our wonderful and fearless Manager and Program Director, Megan Conway, has been working all summer to make this the best year at XTSR ever.  To do that, she needed to expand the team!  With the addition of a position overseeing sports content here at XTSR, we are guaranteed to be your number one spot for all of your sports news.  Expanding is always exciting and with the expansion comes an increased need for helpers around the station, yep, that means you loyal listener!  If you are interested in joining the XTSR Team at any level, feel free to stop by the station in the Media Center on campus, or shoot us an e-mail at xtsrtowson@gmail.com!

Okay, now that you are as pumped for this year as I obviously am, tune into the station if you aren’t already and give us a shout out on Twitter, post on our wall, or start filling out that application to join the team!

Be sure to stay up-to-date on all your XTSR news by checking the blog and our other social media outlets regularly.  We have a lot of exciting things for you this year and we think you are going to love it!

Chow for now!

Zac McGee
Director of Social Media



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