Album Review: Go Radio – Closing the Distance

Watch out Baltimore, All Time Low isn’t the only band giving our city a little love. The song “Baltimore” premiers off of Go Radio’s third studio album, “Closing The Distance,” as a ballad of lovers trying to make it work in this crazy world. The new album follows the familiar structure of Go Radio’s previous album, “Lucky Streets.”

“Close The Distance” feels less like something brand new and more like a fine-tuning of a sound that is already exceptional. On this album Go Radio managed to keep their songs sounding consistent without being repetitive, something the band has run into in the past.

Go Radio spices up their sound on this album; the sound that many associated with their previous album takes on a brand new feel. Taking that into account, none of the singles from this album seem to be able to touch their predecessors. “Goodnight Moon” and “Fight, Fight” are top songs from the band, but this album’s line-up is nothing to be laughed at. Jason Lancaster lends his voice and breathes his emotion into this album, far more than he has done in the past.

“Collide,” the first single, has a catchy melody and lyrics to match. It is nothing shy of great. “Go To Hell” on the other hand raises the bar and has a unique take on a break-up, before it happens. Both singles will quickly become fan favorites.

“Close The Distance” manages to be a solid album and won’t take long to find its way into your CD collection. With seven less songs than the deluxe edition of “Lucky Streets,” it ends up being a more concise album and the band gives a better performance all around. Fans of the band have no need to fear and newcomers, this is a perfect place to be introduced.

-Owen Paterline
Music Director


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