Album Review: Stacked Like Pancakes – Odd Times

This year is proving to be a big year for ska armed with new albums from the likes of Suburban Legends and Reel Big Fish, and with their huge summer of ska tour with Goldfinger and Big D and the Kids table. There’s also Five Iron Frenzy coming back from the dead; Streetlight Manifesto VS. Victory Records; even the old timers are still kicking, with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ new album from last year, and a new Pietasters album allegedly in the works. It’s a good time to be a rude boy. Our favorite local ska band: Stacked Like Pancakes, is looking to make a splash with a demo for a new song, and a new album in the works, slated for Spring 2013.

“Odd Times” starts off strong and grabs you, because it’s ready to go for a ride. The horns are as strong as ever, and this new tune may remind one of “The Robbery” from SLP’s previous album. The style bounces between Streetlight Manifesto’s dark and edgy punk and Suburban Legends’ upbeat pop shtick. A bit more on the Streetlight scale, since it’s not about the up strum as much as the horns and guitar working together. Either way, it sounds cool, and breaks down in a few solos that rival the biggest names in blaring horn sections today. It’s definitely worth picking up, no matter what your musical tastes are.

Are we in the new revitalization of a genre that, in my opinion, really needs more attention? Maybe, there are plenty of dedicated fans who would want to rave about the next big thing, and it does my heart good to see a local ska band standing up and playing what they want to play. Stacked Like Pancakes are even getting some real recognition too, as they played with Ballyhoo at the Baltimore Soundstage last Friday, and the Skalloween show at the Ottobar on the Tuesday before Halloween. I’m excited for the new album, which is in the works and will be coming out this spring. You can download this early version of the demo for free on their new website:

-Adam Bezold
Promotions Director


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