The 55th Grammy’s!

The 55th Grammys were last night and it was filled to the brim with performances. Starting it off was Taylor Swift with probably one of the most childish and catty performances of them all. Not to say I didn’t love her dig at recent ex Harry Styles, I would comment that the Grammys are not the place for it. Your own concert, sure, but not here, keep it classy.

Keeping with class Ed Sheeran took the stage with Sir Elton John. Elton proved his ability to show up and perform at the Grammys, creating mesmerizing performances with no exception for this one. The vocal duets were beautiful and the ending high five between the artists felt like a passing on of the lyrical torch to the next generation.

Fun. picked up the mic after Ed and Elton and kept the awe-inspiring performances going. Singing “Carry On” Fun. rocked the show and visually stunned the audience as rain fell upon the band emphasizing the emotions of the song. Not to mention the fact the backdrop mimicked the Some Nights tour poster.

The Black Keys brought the energy of a rock show to the Grammys and their performance is proof of that. They looked liked they were still performing for a small venue and not the extensively massive music hall of the Grammys. The last notable performances were The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons, both showcasing their unique styles and hit songs (“Hey, Ho” and “I Will Wait” respectively). Both groups had similar performances due to the fact that they have similar instruments and sounds. Nevertheless they were both powerful performances allowing them to make their mark on the music world.

A plethora of country and R&B artists performed throughout the show, but since this is an alternative rock station we are going to pass by those. Sorry Frank Ocean, you were great though!

Mumford and Sons walked away with best album of the year (“Babel”). Fun. beat out The Lumineers for best new artist, and went home with song of the year. Record of the year fell in the hands of “Somebody I Used To Know” singer Gotye. All of these artists deserved to win Grammys after their hard work and dedication to their music, and that is what matters.

-Owen Paterline
Music Director


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