Album Review: Atlas Genius – When it was Now

Brothers Keith and Michal Jeffery better known as Atlas Genius released their first album earlier last week to great reception. The band sounds like a blend of Vampire Weekend and Walk The Moon, two very unique sounds themselves. The result is a synth filled songs of clever lyrics and tight pop riffs. It also happens to sound similar to tour mates and recent artist Imagine Dragons. When It Was Now hits the right note for the alt rock crowd. First off the record is “Electric,” a prime example of the unique sound that Atlas has. The second single off the new album, “If So,” is very reminiscent of Imagine Dragons’ Amsterdam. The main single off the album and for the band itself for the past year has been “Trojans.” This song has everything you could want in a hit alt rock song, including catchy tight guitar rifts and a unique voice with meaningful lyrics. It’s a solid piece and considering it was written, recorded and released within two weeks and peaked at #4 on XM’s Alt-18, it’s pure talent. Bottom line, you will be hearing more of these two in the near future.

-Owen Paterline
XTSR Music Director


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