Fall Out Boy: The Phoenix

Earlier this week Fall Out Boy released their 2nd of 11 music videos for their new album. Each seems to tell the story of Fall Out Boy saving rock and roll. So here is our take on the events and what may be coming next.

So here’s what we know thus far from “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark.” Fall Out Boy is in the back of a van kidnapped by 2 Chains and two of his groupies that are having a nice Fall Out Boy memorabilia fueled fire. So what does the next video have in store for us?

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD! Watch the video here and then read on. 


The video for “The Phoenix” is a prequel showing how the band members get captured. The first question we come across is what is in the suitcase. It glows it has the sound of electricity and 2 Chains groupies really want it bad enough to cut off Patrick’s hand for it. I am thinking that this is some sort of weapon or power of some sort. This is the device that will help Fall Out Boy save rock and roll. Not to rule out other possibilities it could also be the “Save Rock and Roll” Album. (That would be some sweet marketing right there.)

Now something to note, after Patrick loses his hand it gets bandaged up. So whoever is torturing him obviously wants him to live. This begs the question, why torture him if you still need him for something else? This brought me to the idea that if you notice his hand can get sliced clean off but you never see him getting poked or stabbed with anything else. Yes they did put a scalpel to his neck but they don’t cut which makes me think that either: A) They are only roughing him up a bit before this dinner and his ultimate demise or B) they are actually trying to save him from dying because it’s not his time yet. I know that the B scenario is a long shot but hey, it’s only a theory. To add to outlandish theories, perhaps they are adding something to him. Something robotic. It would be an interesting incarnation of how rock and roll is using a lot more electronic production now a days.

Something else that I noticed was when Pete gave the falcon call to the other boys in the band, he sends out 3 falcons already knowing that Patrick is hurt. Why the third for himself? Was it to watch out for him or was it meant for someone else and only foreshadowed, “Hey you’re about to get jumped,” to go along with the kidnappings. Everyone is kidnapped in suburbia. I think this is a point of saying that the war for the top of the charts happens everywhere. This includes suburbia, accessing more of the fact that the suburban kids who used to listen to Rock and Roll have now changed to pop.

Finally, the video ends with Patrick’s bloody hand snapping at a dinner table. I think this was to demonstrate two things. First Patrick is very much alive and even okay, relatively speaking. I think this shows that he is still in control. Either Patrick knows that his friends have been captured and this was the plan all along, or he still feels like he runs the place even though he is missing a hand. To support the “This Was The Plan All Along” theory, none of the band members struggle when they are kidnapped. For example, Andy just stands in front of the van knowing what’s coming. Joe backs away into the shadows (essentially walking into darkness) which is exactly what he does when he gets knocked out and kidnapped. Finally, Pete who gets a Falcon sign of “Something’s Not Right,” instead of looking around and wondering what this third mystical falcon is doing, he just stands there and accepts that he is about to be drugged.


Just as you can’t tell the meaning of a book from a single chapter or the meaning of a song from a single word, we won’t know the deeper meaning of the Fall Out Boy movie until all of the videos have been released. As for the story of our fabulous four, the next installment will either give us more answers or pull a Lost and give us more questions. Only time will tell now.

Owen Paterline
Music Director


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