Founded in 1971, XTSR has been the student-run campus radio station of Towson University for over 40 years!  We feature a wide range of genres, specialized shows, and local bands 24/7 for the campus community and abroad.  Tune in at XTSR.org!


Julian Perez – General Manager & Program Director

Mary-Ellen Davis – Music Director

Alex Wang – Promotions Director

Elsa Lankford – Faculty Advisor


  • Alyssa Jordan
  • Ashley Njagi
  • Kayla Smith
  • Betty Samuel
  • Ashby Everhart
  • Jeremy Goldberg
  • Zak Shaw
  • Ben Libercci
  • Andrew Kerr
  • Alexander Ehasz
  • Shantique Walker
  • Nailah Jefferson
  • Ted Goles
  • Tim Coffman
  • Jumbe Hamza
  • Tim Coffman



We are a part of the Department of Electronic Media & Film. EMF students can take the EMF 421 class and receive credit for working at our station. Non-EMF students are more than welcome to volunteer. We provide first-hand experience in running a radio station, and ANY Towson student can have their own radio show.

Need to contact us?  Shoot us an e-mail at xtsrtowson@gmail.com

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