Album Review: Atlas Genius – When it was Now

Brothers Keith and Michal Jeffery better known as Atlas Genius released their first album earlier last week to great reception. The band sounds like a blend of Vampire Weekend and Walk The Moon, two very unique sounds themselves. The result is a synth filled songs of clever lyrics and tight pop riffs. It also happensContinue reading “Album Review: Atlas Genius – When it was Now”

Album Review: Stacked Like Pancakes – Odd Times

This year is proving to be a big year for ska armed with new albums from the likes of Suburban Legends and Reel Big Fish, and with their huge summer of ska tour with Goldfinger and Big D and the Kids table. There’s also Five Iron Frenzy coming back from the dead; Streetlight Manifesto VS.Continue reading “Album Review: Stacked Like Pancakes – Odd Times”

Album Review: Mumford & Sons – Babel

Mumford & Sons, the hit folk group from West London best known for songs such as “the Cave” and “Little Lion Man,” has just released their second album, Babel. The record hit shelves in late September of this year and retains what fans from all over the world have loved about their music. With theContinue reading “Album Review: Mumford & Sons – Babel”

Album Review: Go Radio – Closing the Distance

Watch out Baltimore, All Time Low isn’t the only band giving our city a little love. The song “Baltimore” premiers off of Go Radio’s third studio album, “Closing The Distance,” as a ballad of lovers trying to make it work in this crazy world. The new album follows the familiar structure of Go Radio’s previousContinue reading “Album Review: Go Radio – Closing the Distance”